Monday, April 18, 2011

Why smell the crayons?

When I decided to begin a blog dedicated to my experiences in early childhood education/development I thought about my favorite things...which for someone who has spent the past 16 years working with or near young children incorporates many sensory elements. Therefore, my first post is dedicated to my favorite things about young children...from a sensory side. 

My favorite things in the world of early childhood:

  • Smells
    • the back of a baby's neck
    • play doh
    • a new box of crayons
    • plastic doll hair
    • Lincoln logs
    • shaving cream
    • baby wipes (clean)
    • bubble solution
  • Tastes
    • black cherry Kool-Aid
    • fish sticks
    • 3 cent grape gum
    • M & M's
    • bubbles (not meant to be tasted but it always happens)
  • Touches
    • new smooth paper (the teacher in me)
    • sand in the sensory table poured over my hands
    • smoothed out play doh
    • bubble paper
    • Pat the Bunny
    • when a baby reaches out and touches me
    • preschooler hugs
  • Sights
    • sleeping children
    • block towers
    • children chasing bubbles
    • bright eyes during story time
  • Sounds
    • belly laughs of a baby
    • giggles of a preschooler
    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sung by a 2 year old
    • ABC song
    • "Mama"
I love that everyday is new and different when young children are involved...and this blog will help me capture my current experiences and recall those from the past.

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