Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Twas the Night Before the First Day of Preschool

'Twas the night before the first day of preschool...and all through the houses are anxious parents getting their little ones ready for their big preschool debut.  Our preschool begins for the year tomorrow and I know everyone is excited...parents, kids, and staff (maybe not the janitor)! 

Open house last week was a success!  The room looked great and we had all but 5 families visit.  Parents were looking around and asking questions.  The kids were checking things out as we explained that there would not be so many big people and loud voices on Monday. 

As a parent, I have dropped off my kids for many first days--child care, preschool, and school.  And because it is my parental duty I have in my head how I want my "little" one taken care of in my this blog is dedicated to my descriptions of how we as early childhood professionals will take care of your little one.

"Hi, my name is Mrs. T.  I'll take [insert child's name here] from you and we'll have a great day.  Tell mom/dad bye and let's go play."

I promise...
  • to get your child engaged quickly as you leave so they don't notice (too much) that you are gone
  • to console and wipe your child's eyes as they briefly cry after you leave...I will even hold him/her on my lap...or pat their back while they lie on the floor
  • to call you and let you know that your child calmed down right after you left and they are now putting a puzzle together with a new friend
  • to serve a yummy snack that makes your child think this is the best place to be...pudding and graham cracker sticks should do it...we'll save baby carrots and hummus for a new day
  • to read a bazillion books to your child to make them feel special and help them learn to love books...we may even read the same book twice
  • to teach your child a song that he or she will sing for the rest of the day...a song that you might not know all the words to and your child inserts his or her own version of the words in the car on the way can ask us about the song tomorrow...we'll be happy to write down the words for you to sing with your child
  • to allow your child to use things you shy away from using at home:  glitter, paint, playdough, scissors, and markers...we welcome messes at is hard to scare us
  • to stop the tire swing and let your child get off before he or she gets "spin sick" and vomits
  • that the dirt and markers will wash off with a bath...we like to leave evidence of the good time experienced by your child
  • to have so much fun that your child who didn't want to come to preschool doesn't want to leave to go home
  • to have so many activities planned that your child crashes out cold right after dinner...unless they are still singing the song
  • to love your child while he or she is in my care!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I ♥ Junk!

This is the first week of the fall semester and I did one of my  favorite activities with my early childhood curriculum class.  Since these students are aspiring early childhood professionals they are aware that most jobs in this field are not going to make them multi-millionnaires.  Since they are aware of this fact I can show them how to be creative (even if they swear they are not) and cheap when it comes to creating wonderful learning materials/activities for children.  It is also a great activity to reinforce the ideas of recycling and repurposing. 

What can I do with a handful of caps?

As an early childhood person I am always looking at alternative purposes for basically everything I see...that empty applesauce cup...a random unused door containers (my favorites) get the idea.  So for this activity I bring in a bag full of junk!  Each student selects an item and brainstorms all the possible uses of the item in relation to young children.  After a period of time we share the results and everytime I get new ideas...and I have done this activity for more than 10 years and have used every item in the bag with young children.  I actually think that a field trip to a dollar store or garage sale could be a fun useful activity for my student teachers. 

If you are wondering the kinds of things in the bag of junk then click on the "Wordle" gadget on the right hand side of the blog screen.