Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Day + Leftover Easter Candy = Tired Preschool Teachers

Everyday I pass by a book on my file cabinet at work titled "Never, Ever Serve Sugary Snack on a Rainy Day" by Shirley Raines (love how her last name fits the book title and I love the messages in the book). is the day after Easter and we have been dealing with a crazy amount of rain here in the what should preschool teachers expect on a stormy Monday after Easter? 
  1. Kids are always tired the day after a holiday because of the unusual schedules that accompany family holiday events...therefore...they will be grumpier than a normal Monday.
  2. The day after a thunderstorm the kids are also tired because they didn't sleep well the night before with all the thunder, lightning and candy basket guarding.
  3. Someone is bound to have a tummy ache the day after and candy filled holiday--Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter.  It is probably a good idea to avoid vomit inducing activities on the day after a sugar holiday--spinning of any kind should be avoided.  Snacks and meals served to preschoolers on during their candy-hangover should be bland on taste and color.
  4. In order to keep up with the kids it is always a good idea for preschool teachers to keep a steady flow of sugar (and/or caffeine) in their own diet following a also helps prevent the inevitable sugar crash especially if said teacher has overindulged in his or her own candy basket. 
  5. If preschool teachers have their own children at home they also did not sleep well because of imported campers in their beds or on their bedroom floor.
  6. If teachers do not have their own children...rainy Mondays after a sugar buffet typically make it really, really hard to get out of bed which equals tired, sluggish zombie teachers. 
  7. Sometimes preschoolers "forget" about rules over a regular weekend...expect this slip of memory times four after a holiday weekend...the kids have been indulged by many people and who could blame them for trying to keep it going at preschool?
My list could continue but I would rather focus on positive things for the rest of the evening. last thought...could you name three things that would make a rainy Monday after Easter even worse?  Birthday cupcakes with blue icing, a surprise visit from the licensing representative, and a fire drill.

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