Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smells like Back to School

I think I have an school supplies.  I know that my love for school supplies began with my first cardboard school box.  I remember for many years during elementary school getting into my new school supplies to organize them in my cardboard school box.  I loved the feel, smell, and excitement that the new school year brought.  I still to this day enjoy it!  I am probably the only person that while in graduate school still got excited for new pens and notebooks.  I often joke that I got into education for the supplies.

During the past few weeks the stores have been stocking their back to school aisles.  For many this signals the sad end to a short summer.  For me it signals the excitement of a new semester.  I truly understand the whole academic calendar idea...for me a new year truly does begin in August.  I have been picking up a few items that I might need for the new semester.  My kids groaned when I finally got my hands on a supply list for their district.  For the most part I had all the supplies on hand for my new 3rd grader.  I was disappointed that my new 7th grader is list-less...time has come to determine his own needs and sadly he does not share the "supply gene" of his mother.  I was also made fun of because I stocked up on tape for my label maker so my kids supplies can be beautifully labeled...well at least the 3rd grader...I have learned that it is embarassing for all your supplies to be labeled when you get to junior high.  On the same note we are only shopping for one new lunch box...junior high kiddos brown bag it. 

I suppose I should squeeze the last few drops out of my summer vacation...and I will...but I will be on the look out for cool post-it notes and stickers (yes, my college students still get stickers).  I will be posting more as my semester begins...signaling a new year to "wake up and smell the crayons."

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