Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smells of Summer...from the nose of a child!

I am a smelly person...let me restate that...I am a person who identifies with smells around me.  I am the person who stands in the health and beauty aisle at Target and smells 10 bottles of shampoo before I can make my choice.  I can catch a whiff of Victoria's Secret Vanilla shower gel and be transported to my summer in England.  While I was enjoying my third day of my summer vacation a smell wafted through the backyard and took me back to simpler times...the smell...honeysuckle.  I started thinking about when my identification with smells began...I have to believe that my love of certain smells began in childhood...which made me think of my favorite summer smells that take me back to those easy breezy summer days as a kid.  So here are my favorite summer scents in no particular order:
  1. honeysuckle
  2. cotton candy--freshly made...not the bagged kind
  3. firework smoke
  4. incoming rainstorm
  5. fresh cut grass
  6. hamburgers/hot dogs cooking on the grill
  7. dust from:  drive in movie or ballpark
  8. chlorine--not a favorite smell but it evokes good feeling
  9. sunscreen--particularly thick goopy zinc oxide--layered right on the nose
  10. peonies
  11. lemonade
  12. Popsicles
I am sure my list could go on and on...but my time is short this evening...I get to go and enjoy some of my favorite smells while at the little league ballpark tonight!

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