Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer is Here!

It appears that summer has arrived!  My academic year was great and very busy at the end.  By April we had word that our preschool program was officially accredited by NAEYC...a huge accomplishment for us!  My early childhood development students were busy with many great projects and I with grading...but alas it is finally summer!

This summer I have a few things going on--first our new house is being built and we are watching the progress each day--second I am teaching an online class in July (Lifespan Human Development--birth to death in 4 short weeks).  I hope my college students are busy with classes and gaining experience working with young children.  I am looking forward to opening the preschool in August with a new batch of kiddos and eager practicum students and student teachers. 

But in the meantime here are my hopes for the little ones this summer:

  1. Popsicles
  2. fireflies
  3. wiffle ball games
  4. wading pools
  5. sandboxes
  6. pinwheels
  7. sprinklers
  8. dripping ice cream cones
  9. fireworks
  10. baseball games
  11. sticky sunscreen
  12. dandelion necklaces
  13. running in the summer rain
  14. catching the following:  ladybugs, frogs, worms, crawdads, caterpillars, fish
  15. honeysuckle
  16. sidewalk chalk
  17. muddy toes
  18. blanket tents in the backyard
  19. inner tubes, beach balls and water wings
  20. lemonade
  21. snow cones
  22. driveway car/trike/bike/wagon wash
  23. late nights
  24. strawberries
  25. family vacation or staycation

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