Sunday, October 23, 2011

Preschool Kids + Candy Corn = Two of My Favorite Things

They really are two of my favorite things...but not in combination.  I have loved preschool age kiddos for some time...always something new when you work with little kids.  My love for candy corn comes from a few different directions--first, I love fall and what candy epitomizes fall better than candy corn; second, it sounds healthy with the "corn" part and it is fat free.  Each of these favorites stand alone...not to be least not while I am on duty. 

I love Halloween.  I hate what it does to little kids.  The main thing that drives me crazy is as soon as the big box stores clearance out the back to school supplies they begin decorating in orange and black and stocking all the Halloween goodies...everywhere little kids turn they are bombarded with mini Butterfingers and scary masks.  They love it and they fear makes them nervous and excited...and too much candy...well that makes them super excited, sticky, and eventually sick.  Because I do enjoy Halloween I was somewhat disappointed when I found out we didn't "celebrate" Halloween at my first teaching job.  What?  You mean we are going to rob little kids of this holiday experience? 

We did have an evening Halloween event for the families that first year...and I saw why it is best to keep things bland when it comes to holidays and little kids.  It was a chaotic mess.  Kids were acting like the characters they were dressed as...parents were frustrated that expensive costumes were being stained with chocolate or worse...torn.  Instead of enjoying this event it caused a lot of stress on the families.  After this event I partially saw why we didn't incorporate Halloween into our planning for the whole month of October.  The next day sealed the deal, the kids were still pumped up from the party...some still wearing capes, fake tattoos, and I swear some still had chocolate drool around their mouths.  This is when I vowed that I would not be the cause of overloading children with such a commercialized holiday. 

After this baptism into preschool Halloween, I focused more on the fun of the season rather than the holiday.  I did plan to have pajama party day on the school day closest to Halloween so the kids had something a little different for the day but it didn't pump them up the way a traditional pajama party did.  This solved the dilemma of parents wanting to send their child to school in costume...although some pajamas are made to look like a superhero complete with cape...which is easy to detach and leave in a cubby...funny how a cape can change your personality.

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